Enhancing the skin
with the new generation of naturals

Microalgae are developing extraordinary adaptation strategies. At Microphyt, we draw on the natural bioactives delivered by their exceptional metabolisms to enhance skin vitality and strengthen its resilience in our evolving exposome.



Protects the skin against

the combined effects of UV

and pollution.

Our essentials

Packed with bioactives, our ingredients are drawn from unique microalgae and their benefits are validated through genomic screening and in-vitro assays.

  • ReinaPhyt

    Highly adaptative green algae naturally extracted

    • Barrier function
    • Protective care
  • CollagenoPhyt Booster

    The anti-ageing power of an highly adaptative red microalgae

    • Anti-aging
    • Firming
  • Luteana

    Bioactives from a Tahitian golden microalgae

    • Sensitive skin
    • Anti-inflammation
  • MonaPhyt

    A carotenes rich extract out of a fresh water green microalgae

    • Tensing
    • Firming
    • Anti-collagenase

Your tailor made innovation

Whether you are looking for a specific compound or want to leverage an identified microalga, we can focus our expertise to develop the ingredient you need.

  • Phase 1: Microalgae identification

  • Phase 2: Development & Substantiation

  • Phase 3: Industrial Production

Let's talk

We're always happy to hear about new ideas and projects.