Microphyt, beneficiary of the 2021 ‘France Relance’ stimulus plan, obtains its first clinical results validating the effectiveness of a new nutritional ingredient derived from microalgae .

September 22, 2022

  • The effectiveness of the ingredient GamePhyt™ on cognitive function has been proven as part of a clinical trial coordinated by Microphyt.
  • These are the first results of an international program of preclinical and clinical trials coordinated by Microphyt, focusing on numerous segments of human nutrition.
  • The €3 million grant obtained from the ‘France Relance’ plan enabled Microphyt to implement these trials and encourages the development of natural ingredients derived from microalgae.

Baillargues (Hérault-France), September 22, 2022.

Microphyt, winner of the ‘France Relance’ call for proposals designed to support national strategic sectors, has received a €3 million grant to boost the development, production and marketing of innovative natural active ingredients derived from the untapped potential of microalgae.

Microphyt’s ambition is to develop new unique ingredients derived from microalgae for the nutrition and cosmetics sectors. The preclinical and clinical development program implemented by Microphyt is strategic in that it validates the effectiveness of these natural ingredients in the fields of human nutrition. An international program of preclinical and clinical trials coordinated by Microphyt is currently focusing on numerous applications in the field of human nutrition, such as cognitive function, weight management, recovery and sports performance. The ‘France Relance’ plan has helped to implement these trials by allocating a €3 million grant to Microphyt.

According to Christel Lemaire, Head of Marketing Novel Nutrition at Microphyt: “The ‘France Relance’ plan has given us a real boost for marketing Microphyt’s innovations. It will give us access to extensive clinical trial programs with internationally recognized and meticulous scientific partners. This major advantage will help us to check the effectiveness of our ingredients on various health benefits so that we can subsequently market our ingredients worldwide.”

Microphyt has obtained the first results of a clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of GamePhytTM on various parameters linked to the end-consumers’ needs (e-gamers for the e-sports market). GamePhytTM is proven to have very positive benefits on cognitive functions, such as improved decision-making and reaction times as well as greater concentration and reduced mental fatigue.This double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled trial was implemented in close cooperation with Professeur Richard Kreider’s team at Texas A&M University in the United States. Based on a rigorous methodology, the trial provides high-level evidence of effectiveness from a scientific perspective.

According to Jonathan Maury, Head of Clinical Research Novel Nutrition at Microphyt: “As well as yielding extremely positive results, this initial trial also reflects Microphyt’s ambitious approach, which considers science as a founding value in the commercial development of innovative ingredients. We want to work with the best international research teams in their respective fields, as is the case with Professor Kreider’s team, for example. By the end of the year, detailed results will be communicated during international congresses and in a scientific article supporting the launch of GamePhytTM, which is scheduled to take place at the SupplySide West trade show in Las Vegas (US) in November 2022”.

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About Microphyt- https://www.microphyt.eu

Microphyt specializes in developing, producing and marketing natural ingredients derived from microalgae. For over 10 years, Microphyt has been tapping into microalgae to find unique solutions for nutrition and well-being. Microphyt’s patented technologies, which are developed in-house, enable the controlled industrial-scale and sustainable production of a great diversity of microalgae. The company’s ambition is firmly focused on producing unique molecules with high added value. Based in Baillargues, near Montpellier (34), Microphyt currently employs 47 people and has filed 7 patent families.

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