An innovative solution to prevent skin aging by acting simultaneously on the various skin layers

February 7, 2023

With age, our skin loses its structure and firmness. This natural aging process can be slowed down thanks to innovative ingredients, such as PhycoSi™, which acts deep down and at the surface.

Skin is a complex, multi-layer tissue

The three main skin layers, the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, are constantly moving and interacting.

  • The top layer, the epidermis, protects against external aggressions.
  • The intermediate layer, the dermis, maintains the skin’s structure and hydration level.
  • The bottom layer, the hypodermis, stores energy and has an endocrine function.

The dermis plays a partial role in the skin’s firmness and elasticity as it contains an extra-cellular matrix (3D network of complex molecules) which is responsible for the skin’s biomechanical properties.

The causes and effects of skin aging

Skin aging depends on two main factors:

  • Intrinsic aging: linked to an individual’s physiology and genetic characteristics. It occurs naturally and gradually from the age of 30 onwards.
  • Extrinsic aging: linked to an individual’s lifestyle and environment (exposure to UV, pollution, tobacco, diet, etc.). These factors visibly speed up premature aging.

Under their influence, the skin gradually loses its thickness at the dermis and the epidermis, revealing the first fine lines and wrinkles. Extracellular matrix synthesis also slows down, leading to a loss in elasticity and firmness.

PhycoSi™: the dual-action solution to regenerate the skin

Microphyt has designed an active ingredient, PhycoSi™, composed of organic marine silicium (news article available) which can act both deep down and at the skin’s surface.

Just 14 days after applying this active ingredient, we can see that the dermis is recharged and restructured deep down. The measured increase in AQP3 (microchannels that circulate water, glycerol and urea) in fibroblasts helps to boost cell exchanges. The densified dermis thus regains its biomechanical properties for more elastic and toned skin.

The effectiveness of PhycoSi™ is visible on the top layer of skin after 28 days. By improving the epidermis’ impermeability to external agents, the skin barrier is strengthened. Clinical results show evidence of regenerated skin thanks to a gentle exfoliation method. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and the skin becomes smoother.

To find out more about our new active ingredient, PhycoSi™, click here.


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