Boost your cognitive skills: find out more about the GamePhyt clinical trial!

June 19, 2023

  • Optimizing cognitive abilities: a top priority for consumers

With our increasingly active lifestyles, many of us are keen to optimize our cognitive abilities in order to perform all kinds of tasks efficiently throughout the day. For example, a student needs energy and concentration for a day of revision.  As do young professionals, who are under intense stress to achieve their daily goals. Other precision professions, such as pilots or armed forces, also need to maintain high cognitive skills so that they can react quickly, making the right decisions for many obvious reasons.

Today, it’s a fact that the vast majority of the population, often subjected to periods of stress and intense mental fatigue, need to be at the peak of their cognitive abilities: intense concentration, vigilance, optimized reaction time for good decision-making, etc.

  • A solution for boosting cognitive capacity

Microphyt has developed a natural ingredient which is effective on many parameters of the cognitive sphere. This ingredient is based on Microphyt’s flagship microalgae, Phaeodactylum tricornutum, and guarana, which are renowned for their fucoxanthin and guaranine content respectively. Fucoxanthin is a strong antioxidant with brain benefits. It can improve cognitive function by promoting memory, attention and reasoning ability. It also helps to protect brain cells against damage and aging. Guaranine, for its part, provides prolonged energy, improving concentration and alertness.

  • Gamephyt: a clinical study to demonstrate its properties.

Microphyt created Gamephyt™ by combining fucoxanthin from Phaeodactylum tricornutum and guaranine from guarana. To validate the benefits of GamePhyt™ on cognitive abilities, a clinical study was carried out with experienced gamers, who are subjected to intense stress and mental fatigue. In collaboration with Texas A&M University, Microphyt carry out a double-blind study with one placebo group and two groups receiving different doses of the microalgae extract. The results showed that GamePhyt™ improved players’ accuracy, reaction time, concentration, decision-making, execution speed and mental energy, all in just 15 minutes! GamePhyt™ was also shown to help maintain good mood, visual comfort and sleep quality, with no observed side effects.

  • A study applicable to the entire population

In addition to improving the already high baseline cognitive performance of gamers, this promising study suggests that the application of Gamephyt™ could be extended to the entire population, from students and office workers to F1 drivers, athletes and many others!  GamePhyt™ represents a natural and effective solution for anyone who may be subject to periods of stress and needs to boost their cognitive abilities quickly.

Find out more about the clinical study:

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